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The 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) of the PRC


China's legislature, the National People's Congress, endorsed the country’s 12th Five-Year Plan on 14 March 2011. This far-reaching plan sets the nation's course for the next five years: the social and economic measures contained in the plan will have a deep impact on the business landscape, both within China and in countries that do business with China.


Three of the main priorities in this plan are sustainable growth, industrial upgrading and the promotion of domestic consumption. These priorities explain why certain sectors, including energy, automotive, IT infrastructure and biotechnology also receive a high degree of focus.


This dedicated web page provides more insights on the implications for business and developments in particular sectors stemming from China's new programme of social and economic development.


China's Five-Year Plan: Overview book cover

  China's 12th Five Year Plan: Overview (PDF 325KB)

China's 12th Five-Year Plan marks a turning point from the country's previous emphasis on headline growth; China's leaders are now prioritising strategies and measures to ensure long-term prosperity for the entire nation.

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