• Service: Tax, US Corporate Tax
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 8/8/2013

U.S. Tax Services for Real Estate Investments 

Our dedicated professionals bring U.S. real estate knowledge and experience to help you identify investment opportunities, assess value, and navigate U.S. tax laws and regulations. In addition, we can stand behind you as a trusted tax, audit and advisory service provider ready to assist you in structuring and auditing your investments, advising on portfolio issues, performing due diligence and risk management and helping to ensure that you have access to the skill sets you need to fully capitalize on your U.S. real estate investments.


We bring a coordinated service approach to the investment life cycle. Our highly experienced team is well positioned to advise you through each phase – from raising capital to acquiring assets to divestment – and has established a track record for delivering results to our clients. We can work with you to provide an understanding of the full range of implications of your proposed investments —including U.S. taxation. All of these services, backed by our deep industry knowledge, can help you build a solid foundation for making key decisions on your U.S. real estate investments.



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