• Industry: Financial Services, Capital Markets
  • Type: Business and industry issue, White paper
  • Date: 4/25/2012

Winning platforms: Choosing the right profile for the world's exchanges  

This report provides a comprehensive review of the major strategic and operational issues that stock exchanges and alternative trading platforms currently face. It is a result of over 20 interviews with board level executives of leading stock exchanges, trading platforms, high frequency traders and banks around the world as well as the collective views of KPMG’s member firm professionals who have extensive experience in this segment of the Global Capital Markets sector.

The global exchange landscape is rapidly evolving. Regulation, technology and macro-economic developments are creating new pressures on exchanges and forcing executives to seek strategic alternatives to achieve sustainable long-term growth. At the same time, the demands of their clients are also shifting, creating conflicting pressures that carry both opportunities and challenges for today’s exchanges.


As a result, executives at the world’s stock exchanges and alternative platforms are grappling with a number of complex decisions that will mould the future direction and growth prospects for their organizations. But these decisions are often not theirs alone: regulators and governments are seeking greater transparency from financial markets, multinational corporations looking to have their shares traded in a global liquidity pool and investors and traders that are looking for efficient execution of trades.


It is against this backdrop, we interviewed executives of leading exchanges, trading platforms, high frequency traders and banks around the world to gain their perspective on the evolving marketplace. We have combined their insights with our own experience working with sector leaders across the globe to create a comprehensive review of the trends impacting the sector and their implications for the world’s exchanges.


By shedding light on the impacts of the regulatory, technological, macro-economic and client trends, we believe that this report delivers a practical and valuable view into the strategic alternatives available to sector executives as they navigate the challenges and opportunities on the path to growth.



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