• Service: Audit
  • Industry: Financial Services, Capital Markets
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 7/8/2010

The New York Stock Exchange IPO Guide 

The goal of this guide is to demystify the initial public offering (IPO) process and to help companies understand and navigate this complex process that will ultimately lead to a positive and successful IPO experience.


Crucial to that success is the decision of where to list. Choosing your market is a long-term decision. Your market will be a partner throughout your journey as a public company well into the future.


By accessing the U.S. public equity market via your IPO, you will stimulate job creation and innovation while tapping an attractive financing option to fuel your company's growth. You will also create exciting new investment opportunities for individuals and institutions, with whom you will need to be transparent through good times and bad.

The New York Stock Exchange IPO Guide
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