• Industry: Financial Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Survey report
  • Date: 6/4/2009

Being the best - Thriving not just surviving - Insights from leading finance functions 

Finance functions are playing a critical role in helping organisations not only survive, but thrive during the downturn. However, many finance executives still admit to having limited influence over value-driving functions within a business such as R&D, sales and marketing. This research report is a sequel to KPMG International's 2006 publication, Being the Best: Insights from leading finance functions and draws on the responses of more than 500 senior finance executives worldwide, including 218 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) from a cross section of industries, and includes interviews with experts in the field. It suggests that attitudes towards the potential role of finance have evolved since 2006, but gaining influence and securing the necessary talent remain profound challenges.




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