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Proposed Changes to the Internal Ratings Based Approaches (IRB) to reduce Credit Risk RWA Variation - BCBS

The proposed changes are part of a broader regulatory reform initiative to reduce RWA variability that the committee will finalize by the end of 2016.
Modified date: 4/6/2016
Business and industry issue

FATCA: China reaches “agreement in substance”

Hong Kong Tax Alert - Issue 16, July 2014
Modified date: 1/18/2016
Publication series; Regulatory update

Pushing the envelope on competitive advantage - Developing your risk management function for the future

The report outlines five key areas where the transformation of risk management will help drive organisational performance, and provides guidance for organizations that are yet to harness the potential of risk management to deliver their strategic goals.
Modified date: 1/11/2016
Business and industry issue

Approaching the Crossroads of Conduct and Culture - Improving culture in the financial services industry

Nearly eight years after the financial crisis. The coverage strikes an uncomfortable contrast with the intensity of effort the industry and the regulators have focused on reforming and remediating the weaknesses the crisis brought to light.
Modified date: 12/17/2015
Business and industry issue

Evolving Banking Regulation 2015 – Part One: From Design to Implementation

This report looks at recent and forthcoming banking regulation. in the EMA region.
Modified date: 12/17/2015
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Evolving Banking Regulation 2015 - Part Three:Data and technology

The third paper in the series examines data and reporting requirements as well as the cybersecurity risks.
Modified date: 12/17/2015
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Viewpoint Podcast: IFRS 15 Impacts for the Insurance Industry

The podcast discusses the impacts for: groups with non-insurance subsidiaries; insurers offering investment contracts, pension administration and claims handling; and general insurers offering ancillary services such as road-side assistance programs.
Modified date: 12/9/2015
Audio; Business and industry issue

Challenges posed to insurers by IFRS 9’s classification and measurement requirements

Insurers have been watching the wave of accounting change surface on the horizon for years. Unfortunately, due to delays in the IASB’s insurance contracts project, that wave may not make land in one single, sweeping change.
Modified date: 12/9/2015
Business and industry issue

Evolving Insurance Regulation 2015: The journey begins

2015 is seeing international developments dominate regulatory change in the insurance industry. This report explores the key developments in detail and the impacts they are having, and will continue to have on the industry.
Modified date: 12/6/2015
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Frontiers in Finance – June 2015

This issue of Frontiers in Finance addresses the areas where financial institutions should look in order to build competitive advantage and increase profitability.
Modified date: 12/4/2015
Business and industry issue; Publication series
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