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FATCA: China reaches “agreement in substance”

Hong Kong Tax Alert - Issue 16, July 2014
Modified date: 1/19/2016
Publication series; Regulatory update

Six reasons why the Five-Year Plan matters for your business

The six reasons why the Five-Year Plan matters for your business.
Modified date: 3/11/2015
Business and industry issue

Hong Kong signs Model 2 IGA under FATCA

Hong Kong Tax Alert - Issue 23, November 2014
Modified date: 11/24/2014
Publication series; Regulatory update

China’s banking sector: Performance of listed banks and hot topics 2014 Q2

In this issue, we present the financial position and business performance of the listed banks for the second quarter of 2014 to help you better understand their current situation.
Modified date: 9/24/2014
Business and industry issue

KPMG TaxWatch Webcast: Facing FATCA - An Overview and Business Implications of the Proposed Regulations

In this webcast, KPMG professionals discuss the proposed FATCA regulations with members of the IRS FATCA Working Team and participating drafters of the regulations.
Modified date: 9/9/2014
Business and industry issue; Video

FATCA: China reaches “agreement in substance”

China Tax Alert - Issue 21, July 2014
Modified date: 7/29/2014
Publication series; Regulatory update

Hong Kong Edges Closer to FATCA

Hong Kong Tax Alert - Issue 11, May 2014
Modified date: 5/22/2014
Publication series; Regulatory update

FATCA: Key Action Steps Required by Funds for FATCA Compliance

The definition of an FFI is very broad and captures most funds. This publication outlines the general FATCA implications to funds and the recommended key action steps.
Modified date: 3/26/2014
Business and industry issue; Publication series

FATCA: What You Need to Know - Implications and Insights for Non-Financial Groups

Although FATCA's primary impact is on foreign financial institutions, non-financial groups and entities are also subject to FATCA in their role as a US payor/withholding agent or as a foreign payee/recipient of payments subject to FATCA.
Modified date: 12/23/2013
Business and industry issue

FATCA: What You Need to Know - Implications and Insights for Insurance Companies

On January 17, 2013, the US Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released the long-awaited final regulations for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
Modified date: 12/6/2013
Business and industry issue
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