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Hong Kong Edge - Issue 7, March 2014

In this edition, we are delighted to feature interviews with two prominent and highly respected Hong Kong business figures in the toy industry, Dr Cheung Kwong Ming and Ms Emily Cheung.
Modified date: 8/11/2014
Business and industry issue; Publication series

Taxation of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

This publication aims to provide tax professionals with an international overview of these and other tax issues that may affect cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
Modified date: 8/1/2014
Benchmarking study

World class aspirations: The perceptions and the reality of China outbound investment

This publication defines some of the common elements of world-class M&A and investment practices, and assesses how Chinese companies are matching up as they develop their outbound strategies.
Modified date: 3/14/2014
Business and industry issue

PRC Non-Resident Enterprises Tax Series - Issue 03, June 2013

The details of this promising new development and what it means for foreign enterprises with business and investment operations in China is the focus of this edition of KPMG’s PRC Non-Resident Enterprise Tax Series.
Modified date: 11/29/2013
Publication series; Regulatory update

Six reasons why the Five-Year Plan matters for your business

The six reasons why the Five-Year Plan matters for your business.
Modified date: 10/18/2013
Business and industry issue

China Investment Forum 2010 - slides

The materials on this page highlight the China Investment Forum's event insights on discussion topics such as the China economic outlook, future industry trends, strategies, and challenges in inbound and outbound investments.
Modified date: 8/5/2013
Business and industry issue; Event

The Vodafone case - Bombay High Court ruling

Tax alert - Issue 25, October 2010
Modified date: 7/16/2013
Publication series; Regulatory update

KPMG China M&A Tax Practice

Our dedicated and specialized inbound M&A tax team helps you from structuring an investment fund to downstream investment tax due diligence, from structuring tax efficient investment and finance arrangements, to a tax efficient exit.
Modified date: 5/29/2013
Business and industry issue; KPMG information

M&A Tax Update: Australia, China and India

This gives you an update on the recent M&A Tax changes with a focus on Australia, China and India.
Modified date: 3/14/2013
Audio; Business and industry issue

The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) provides further clarifications on the corporate income tax treatment for corporate reorganisations

China alert - Issue 12, September 2010
Modified date: 10/29/2012
Publication series; Regulatory update
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