• Industry: Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Telecommunications
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Survey report
  • Date: 1/8/2010

Revenue Assurance in Telecommunications - Progressing or Preserving 

This survey was conducted across 74 operators in 46 countries with the aim of assessing the current and future state of Revenue Assurance (RA) at a time of varied growth challenges and increasing technological complexity. With the participation of c-level executives and RA Heads, we have obtained insight into key aspects of RA along with emerging trends and challenges. We have also added some leading practices that RA functions can consider in developing the roadmap for their respective functions.


Following are some key findings:

RA functions in the telecommunications industry globally are willing to gear up to new challenges and there is confidence that they will be able to manage increased leakage scenarios. While revenue leakages remain the top priority of RA functions across the globe, there is a shared willingness to expand the scope of RA to include revenue enhancement and cost savings measures.
RA functions across the globe face challenges of unavailability of information with respect to revenue leakages, lack of the requisite skill set amongst RA personnel, analysis of a smaller sample of chargeable events and non-quantification of all RA observations. As a result, while it is critical to increase the scope of RA objectives to include revenue enhancement and cost savings, it is equally critical to have a stronger grasp of leakage identification and recovery.
RA functions need to invest in the right skill sets (internally or externally) and in the right tools and methodology. It must also be empowered to build its brand and gain visibility within the organisation.
It is critical to realise the value-add that RA can provide, especially in the current turbulent economy where RA may be the easiest way to drive revenue levels upwards.