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  • Date: 9/9/2013

Insights into IFRS 2013/2014 - 10th Edition 

KPMG’s practical guide to International Financial Reporting Standards. 

Insights into IFRS 2013/2014 - 10th Edition
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How Insights into IFRS can help you


    Organised by topic, Insights broadly follows the structure of a set of financial statements to give you ready access to the answers you need. In particular, it:

    • offers you practical guidance for preparing and interpreting financial statements;
    • cuts through complexity by offering clear and insightful analysis of technical content; and
    • provides real-life examples to address issues of practical application.


Fully updated, the 10th Edition includes new guidance on the consolidation relief for investment entities, enhanced guidance on fair value measurement and revised guidance on employee benefits. It also includes a new appendix with a list of examples. To help readers, the guidance on fair value measurement included in Volume 1 is reproduced in Volume 2. 


Quick reference, at your fingertips


Insights into IFRS: An overview is designed to help Audit Committee members, and others, by providing a structured guide to the key issues arising from the standards. 


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