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  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 4/30/2013

Frontiers in tax – April 2013 

In the Western world, the financial services industry is struggling with a number of issues. Nobody – political leaders, regulators, citizens – seems to have a clear view of what finance should be contributing to economic health in future. Consequently, the regulatory reform agenda – kick-started so confidently by the G20 – appears to be dissipating its original momentum into various more-or-less overtly nationalistic and protectionist channels; tax is being co-opted as a tool not only to repair national finances but also to protect national interests.


Frontiers in tax – April 2013
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This edition of frontiers in tax is devoted to developments in the Asia Pacific region — relatively unscathed by the crisis and continuing to offer evidence of dynamism and growth, but not without challenges.


Tax and Transfer Pricing: Issues in Asia

The increasing scrutiny on transfer pricing in Asia Pacific.

VAT in China: significant reforms – time to prepare

Some of the significant challenges faced by the Chinese financial services sector as the Business Tax regime is replaced with VAT.

Real estate Investment in Asia: current issues

A look at the real estate market in Asia.


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