• Service: Advisory, Risk Consulting, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 3/25/2010

What is Driving Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring Today? 

Leading organisations are focused on leveraging technology and robust data analytics to improve enterprise knowledge of financial, operational, and compliance risks. As these efforts improve business processes and automated control mechanisms, organisations are strengthening their governance, risk, and compliance efforts while effectively reducing operating costs and improving business performance.


Successful deployment of continuous auditing and continuous monitoring (CA/CM) programs, processes or techniques can increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve performance, and increase transparency across the organisation. CA/CM can help alert regulatory non-compliance, become a key component of an effective fraud risk management process to prevent and detect fraud and misconduct, as well as significantly improve enterprise risk management (ERM). This whitepaper explores the drivers behind, and the benefits of, deploying a CA/CM program and includes case studies and findings from a KPMG survey.





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