• Service: Audit, Tax, Advisory
  • Type: Business and industry issue, White paper
  • Date: 11/22/2012

Australia in the Asian century: Opportunities and challenges  

The Australian Government's White Paper, Australia in the Asian Century, released in October 2012, is timely in its publication and critical to our nation's future prosperity. It provides a comprehensive and arguably complex roadmap to enable Australia to actively participate in and benefit from an Asia-driven world economy.

KPMG’s Australia in the Asian century: Opportunities and challenges is written for Australian business and shares the insights and perspectives of KPMG subject matter experts on the opportunities and challenges the Asian century will present from both country and industry sector perspectives.

Key Insights

  • The White Paper represents a paradigm shift in Australia's policy within the Asia-Pacific region and calls for deeper and more active relationships between Australia and Asia.
  • Asia is a diverse region requiring deep knowledge and understanding of market dynamics, culture and business practices.
  • Opportunities and challenges vary by country and industry sector.
  • Australian businesses need to have a clear view on the opportunities and threats presented by Asia, and a plan for how they will tackle them.
  • Are you ready for the Asian century? Key questions for Australian businesses.


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