• Service: Tax, Trade & Customs
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 3/1/2009

Asia Customs Opportunities in Challenging Economic Times - March 2009 

The current economic downturn has made cost-saving opportunities through customs related strategies even more prominent and attractive.


The good news about the current economic downturn is that customs related strategies remain very attractive to multinational companies. Strategic opportunities which may have not been leveraged during more prosperous times should now be revisited.

There are six key areas where an astute, customs-focused, strategy can unlock savings opportunities for multi-national corporations. These include:


  • hidden non-dutiable costs
  • lowering third-party costs
  • evaluating free trade agreements
  • re-focusing on tariff classification
  • leveraging special trade zones and bonded areas
  • examining transaction flows and;
  • business structures