• Service: Audit
  • Industry: Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Telecommunications
  • Type: Regulatory update
  • Date: 1/24/2011

The Application of IFRS: Telecoms - Executive summary 

The purpose of this publication is to assist you in understanding the financial statements of companies in the telecommunications sector that are prepared in accordance with IFRSs. The focus has been to provide an understanding of the approaches taken by telecoms in dealing with some of the industry-specific accounting issues that they face; and to illustrate disclosures made by these companies in their consolidated financial statements that the ISG believes are useful in assessing the type of information being disclosed in practice, and the formats and methods of disclosure.


Each section is accompanied by survey results and a high-level summary focusing on telecom-specific issues. A summary of the main differences between US GAAP and IFRSs also is included.


This publication is based on a review of the consolidated financial statements of 31 companies from 24 countries.


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