• Industry: Consumer Markets, Food, Drink & Consumer Goods, Retail
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Publication series
  • Date: 6/9/2011

ConsumerCurrents - Issue 11, June 2011 

This edition of ConsumerCurrents is an essential read for companies faced with challenges in their supply chains. The cover story looks at how price volatility and uncertainty in food commodities may be undermining the entire industry. Another article on supply chains proposes how companies may overcome some of the most daunting of their supply chain challenges.

ConsumerCurrents - Issue 11
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A case study on IKEA's strategy for succeeding in China, and an article on growing diversification in supermarkets, will be of particular interest to many retailers.


This issue also features an exclusive interview with Tetra Pak CEO Dennis Jönsson, who gives his personal take on consumer markets and his own company's vigilant approach to innovation, handling the vagaries of consumer demand and outpacing competitors.


The articles in this issue include:


• Off the shelf - Finding the right geolocation; understanding the risks in Indian growth

• First person - Dennis Jönsson of Tetra Pak on why packaging can't afford to stand still

• Is there anything supermarkets can't sell? - From credit cards to in-store weddings, why retailers love diversification

• The trouble with food - Volatility stalks food markets. How can forward-looking CFOs react?

• Case study - How IKEA is thinking strategically to take on the world's biggest market

• Supply chains - Do you understand where your products really come from?