• Service: Tax
  • Industry: Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare, Public Sector & Government
  • Type: Event
  • Date: 3/29/2013



Seminar on Foreign Educational Institution – Chinese Regulatory, Tax and Foreign Exchange Issues 

Seminar on Foreigih Educational Institution


29 March 2013 (Friday)



9:30 – 11:30 a.m.



Training Room 1-2, KPMG Training Center

3/F, E2 Tower, Oriental Plaza

1 East Chang An Avenue, Beijing



There is no fee for attending this seminar however early registration is recommended as the number of seats is limited.




With the development of China's education industry and increased demands on overseas advanced educational resources, more and more foreign educational institutions have entered and contemplatively entering Chinese market to provide relevant educational services. The purpose of this seminar is to introduce and discuss on the important regulations for foreign educational industry/institutions from the Chinese regulatory, tax, foreign exchange perspectives, and to assist in managing the relevant compliance risks in China.


The seminar will introduce and analyse the regulations for foreign educational institutions (e.g., colleges & universities), professional/qualification organisations and exam organisers from the aforementioned perspectives. The details include:


  • Regulatory requirement – Different foreign educational organisations/institutions are subject to different regulatory rules in China. We will analyse the appropriate legal forms for different operations of foreign educational organisations/institutions in China, and the related capital, organisation structure and personnel requirements, etc.


  • Tax – We will discuss on the different tax implications for foreign educational institutions, professional/qualification organisations and exam organisers, and the latest policy development. We will also discuss on the specific tax issues that may trigger tax risks in China.


  • Foreign exchange – China is a foreign exchange controlled country, and in general funds in and out of China would be subject to review and/or approval. We will discuss the specific foreign exchange issues in relation to profit repatriation for foreign educational organisations/institutions.


  • Other tax issues – We will also discuss on certain specific tax issues that are commonly faced by foreign educational organisations/institutions, including the Permanent Establishment, and cross-border personnel secondment, etc.