How KPMG Can Help 

How KPMG can help?

KPMG's Asia Trade & Customs Practice

KPMG's Asia Trade & Customs practice is built upon a broad network of customs professionals in all key markets throughout the region. We are able to deliver customs-related advice to our clients on a country, regional and global level. We coordinate closely with other key service lines within the KPMG network, such as Transfer Pricing, Corporate Tax and Advisory. As a result, we are able to offer comprehensive, relevant customs advice.


Our People

Our experienced professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and include former customs officers, lawyers, accountants, economists, and executive managers from private industry. In addition to having strong customs backgrounds, many have years of experience in corporate and indirect taxation


Our Customers

Our customers include multinational corporations, governmental organizations and other entities either directly or indirectly engaged in the cross-border trade of physical goods. In short, any enterprise whose goods must clear customs, at any point along a supply chain, can benefit from our assistance.

Our Services


We assist member firm customers by helping them reduce customs-related costs and expenses and to enhance trade processes and strategies. We help to clarify customs rules and regulations, develop strong working relationships with local customs authorities and provide guidance regarding the proactive management of customs compliance. A few of our fundamental service offerings include:


  • Qualifying and benefiting from free trade agreements
  • Duty reduction through "unbundling" of non-customs costs
  • Strategic tariff planning
  • Coordination of transfer-pricing and customs valuation
  • Anti-dumping duty reviews & assistance
  • Utilizing Free Trade Zones, Logistics
  • Parks and Customs Bonded Zones
  • Duty reductions through tiered sales & commissionaire structures
  • Implementation of customs policies, procedures and internal controls
  • Compliance reviews
  • Third party cost analysis
  • Export controls
  • Customs audit assistance

To learn more about our specific service offerings in each of our locations throughout Asia, please contact the relevant Trade & Customs country leaders.