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Anti Money Laundering Survey 

Anti Money Laundering Survey
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Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey
How banks are facing up to the challenge
Risk consulting
2011 Septiembre

We were both delighted and intrigued to embark once again on our Global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Survey. Much has happened since our last survey in 2007, not least a major financial crisis that has shaken the global banking sector, regulators and governments alike to their cores.

It is no surprise, therefore, that while there is continued recognition of the importance of AML, many banking leaders have been preoccupied by issues such as capital and liquidity, credit issues, impairments, financial stability and stakeholders’ demand for data, not to mention the very survival of their institutions.

Banks operating in multiple jurisdictions are making signifi cant changes to their business models in response to the far-reaching global initiatives – such as those regulations imposed under Basel III and Dodd-Frank – that are changing the landscape they face.

In an environment of cost control, centered on preserving capital and prioritizing investment of precious resources on frontline business development, calls for a greater focus on AML can be a diffi cult sell.


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