Tax Agreement Austria - Liechtenstein

This tool and the respective software were developed by KPMG AG, Zurich. This document is based on our interpretation (as of February 2013) of the agreement between Austria and Liechtenstein on cooperation in the area of taxation (tax agreement Austria - Liechtenstein). The calculations are based on the status of the agreement as of 29 January 2013.

KPMG AG makes this tool available free of charge for a first analysis of the possible tax burden (in percent). KPMG AG does not guarantee for the accuracy and completeness of the figures, information, calculation and the formula used for the calculation. KPMG AG is not liable for any mistakes or misapprehensions of the interpretation or application.

For historic dates, the currency conversion is made based on the respective exchange rates published by SIX Telekurs. For the currency conversion in the year 2013, an exchange rate of CHF 1.25 : EUR 1 was assumed. This assumed exchange rate may significantly differ from the applicable exchange rates for these dates.

The mentioned figures and amounts in percent have only informative character and shall not replace or substitute any advice by a professional tax advisor. Individual advice is required in each and every individual case. KPMG AG would be pleased to assist you (telephone 0041 58 249 42 31).
In the following, only the tax burden for the entered account under the Austrian/Liechtenstein agreement is calculated.



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