Swiss Tax Report

Swiss Tax Report 2014 

KPMG's current Swiss Tax Report 2014 compares corporate and income tax rates in 130 countries and in all 26 Swiss cantons.

Corporate tax rates in comparison


According to KPMG's Swiss Tax Report 2014, the downward trend among top corporate tax rates has slowed down considerably: While the maximum average corporate tax rate for businesses in Switzerland dropped by 4.07% over the past 9 years, this figure is just 0.09% lower today than one year ago.

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Maximum corporate income tax rates state/canton/municipality for the cantonal capital

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Individual tax rates in comparison 


In terms of top tax rates for individuals, a year-on-year comparison reveals a slight 0.09% increase in the average income tax rates paid in Swiss cantons.

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Max. individual income tax rates for single taxpayers, no children, no confession, AI, TI: Income tax rates for the year 2013


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Corporate and Indirect Tax Rate Survey 2014

Corporate and Indirect Tax Rate Survey 2014
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