Legal problems are almost invariably part of a wider context. As a matter of principle, they are best approached with an eye on the bigger picture. Before embarking on any new strategy or project, you first need to ascertain that you have a solid legal foundation. We will assist you by engineering intelligent solutions that are geared to your interests and exploit any potential for leverage within the applicable law.

From the client's point of view: a prerequisite for effective advice
We see legal issues from a slightly different, more holistic, perspective. We view them in an international context, never losing sight of our client's objectives, both general and project-linked. We provide local, national and international enterprises, as well as private individuals, with professional advice and support.


KPMG`s legal practice

KPMG Legal employs some 60 qualified lawyers, many of whom have completed postgraduate or advanced training abroad. All are proficient in one or more particular areas of the law. This has helped establish our reputation as one of the leading business law consulting companies in Switzerland. As, too, has the fact that we have a finger on the country's economic pulse and fully understand the challenges faced by anyone working in today's dynamic business environment. At the same time, our ties with KPMG make us part of one of the world's most extensive legal services networks. All working together to successfully conclude a wide range of cross-border transactions.


The multidisciplinary approach: a means to maximum efficiency
Our advisory services encompass all major areas of business law. The key element in our philosophy is the multidisciplinary approach. This is indispensable when complex corporate and legal issues or other significant factors such as tax, Performance & Technology, Transaction & Restructuring and Risk & Compliance also need to be analysed.


Professional know-how
Our legal advisers have broad-based project experience in their own particular areas of knowledge. They are able to anticipate developments in these areas and develop ways of putting ideas into practice with a local, national or international focus, as appropriate.


A customized solution: always the most effective
The approach we adopt is determined by our client's goals. For each project, we put together a team of individuals with the relevant professional skills determined by the circumstances and the objective. This frequently means combining conventional ideas with modern solutions.


Legal services are not offered to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registrant audit clients.

Jürg Birri

Jürg Birri

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of Legal, Head of Regulatory Competence Center

+41 58 249 35 48

Giordano Rezzonico

Giordano Rezzonico

Partner, Head of Legal Western Switzerland

+41 58 249 38 06