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Are you selling or buying real estate or a real-estate portfolio or investing in a construction or real-estate company? As an investor, are you considering integrating a directly held real-estate portfolio into a real-estate investment vehicle?

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KPMG’s Legal can assist you in developing and negotiating your real-estate contracts. We’ll determine whether a share deal or an asset deal is more advantageous for you. Are you looking for the most suitable investment vehicle for your real-estate investment? We’ll help you with the evaluation.

More than just real estate

You will benefit not only from our expertise as legal advisors but also from our many years of experience in multi-disciplinary teams success factors that make it possible to implement your real-estate project efficiently.

At the interdisciplinary level, we work intensively we our colleagues in Tax and Real Estate, so we are fully acquainted with the relevant business relationships and interactions. We are able to implement your local real-estate transactions with an in-depth knowledge of the market throughout all of Switzerland thanks to our presence in various locations, including your area.


Our clients include Swiss and international companies, public institutions, and private and institutional investors.

We will be happy to assist you by providing the following core services:

  • advice in connection with the sale of real estate (contracts for the sale of real estate)
  • advice in connection with portfolio transactions and acquisitions of companies (in-kind contribution agreements and stock purchase and transfer agreements)
  • legal due diligence
  • preparing all relevant documents for the real-estate transaction
  • supporting you in contractual negotiations up through the closing
  • advising foreign investors in connection with potential restrictions on acquisitions (Lex Koller legislation)
  • advising investors about alternative investment options
  • sale-and-lease-back transactions
  • mortgage and loan agreements
  • rental contracts and management agreements

Reto Schumacher

Reto Schumacher

Director, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

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Property holdings for companies and investors, particularly from abroad, are becoming increasingly important.