Legal Due Diligence 

You would like to find out about the risks and opportunities related to your investment target. You want to know whether you will get what you want and whether the transactional structure is optimal.

You want to ensure that the right measures are taken and that the optimal provisions are inserted in agreements so that your investments yield added value when implemented.

  • Due diligence - a wide-ranging process:
    We work together with clients to develop a list of questions tailored to the concrete investment decision. We collect, analyze and interpret information and share our insights both with the client in question as well as with advisers in other disciplines on an ongoing basis.
  • Our strength - the multidisciplinary environment:
    KPMG's Legal advises national and international clients in all matters related to financial law. Our strength lies in the international network of KPMG and the in-depth professional experience of our advisors. We work closely with specialists in other disciplines and we understand their language. This allows us to network our insights and to identify links and dependencies.

Detecting and assessing risks:
We identify risks and possible strategies for dealing with them. We compile the data and pinpoint potential deal-breakers, issues related to assessment and contract design, and aspects connected to the integration of the investment target. We then use this basis to decide on a further course of action.