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Global trade activities and thus export and import, is becoming increasingly more significant to Swiss Companies. As a result of Switzerland’s global exposure, one of the biggest challenges is to manage trade flows effecting sourcing and distribution efficiently, the majority of  which are carried out in different markets and hence in a various customs regions. Additional demands placed on organization’s customs management and their operational processes add up to this trend.

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As a consequence, so-called "non-tariff barriers" such as compliance and registration obligations related to the international supply-chain of goods are predominantly regulating international trade. Subsequently, the efficient international supply chain of goods may display a key strategic element to corporate success – hence, underling the growing importance of efficient customs management supporting today’s business as a trigger-element within international trade.


Are you unlocking your potential customs opportunities?
Our objective is to sustainably ensure compliance whilst unlocking hidden opportunities to significantly reduce operational costs and duties. By identifying inefficiencies i.e. wrong customs procedures due to a lack of expertise or by implementing appropriate customs procedures supporting operations, transaction costs may be reduced whilst mitigating the risk of customs penalties at the same time.

For Swiss companies with trade activities between Switzerland and the EU and non-EU regions, setting up the right customs procedures requires a broad and in-depth knowledge of of customs regulations to comply with various legal requirements. In addition, companies striving to compete on global markets should stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Swiss and European customs law. One of our major target points is thus to support companies by assisting and providing guidance based on beneficial economic and customs structures enhancing business and incorporating future developments within customs regulations.


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New Horizons in the Movement of Goods

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