KPMG's VAT team offers advice on all issues relating to indirect taxation throughout the entire process of controlling, monitoring, process optimization, risk management and documentation. Furthermore, we have developed a modular service tool system based on our most popular services to address our clients' requirements, which differ significantly depending on the type and size of the organization. The modules are designed to be used either in various combinations for large corporations or as stand-alone solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses:

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  • VAT Workshop

Half-day position seminar at the beginning of our collaboration. We get to know how your company works and determine how we can support you. You get to know how we will proceed as a team, which areas of your company need to make changes and what steps we recommend that you take.


  • VAT Manual

We create VAT manuals for your company or revise existing manuals and/or instructions and adapt them to accommodate your current requirements and any changes in basic conditions.


  • VAT Advising

The classic start of a client relationship. Once we have established your requirements during a workshop we turn our attention to detail issues, analyze the exact situation and develop possible approaches and measures for the next steps.


  • VAT Training

In many cases employees require training with regard to new processes that are introduced due to changes in tax laws or their practical application. This currently applies in particular to the new VAT law. We also offer employee training measures in isolation from and independent of existing customer relations at very favourable conditions. The expenses incurred are relatively low, yet the effect is huge; that is why employee training is a very popular measure that will soon pay off for your company.


  • VAT Health Check

Do you have an accurate assessment of how your organization currently manages VAT? A Health Check will bring clarify the status and present additional options to achieve savings, reduce risks and improve processes. We generally apply this holistic analysis to the entire company. Our extensive experience enables us to identify problem areas and draw the right conclusions reliably, which helps put you in the strongest possible position with regard to VAT management.

Additional Special Services:


  • VAT Risk Management

Our VAT Risk Management approach will help you avoid the pitfalls whenever danger zones appear in your VAT management system.


  • The New Swiss VAT Law 2010

Where is your company today? What needs to be adapted? Are changes applicable to specific sectors? Given that so many organizations now face an acute need for action we are pleased to offer you an initial discussion at no obligation - please contact us.


  • EU VAT Package

New regulations have come into force in the EU region and it may be necessary to react quickly to avoid negative consequences. Please feel free to contact usfor any questions regarding new regulations.


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Other Offers for Internationally Operating Companies


  • VAT Fiscal Representative

Enables foreign companies operating in Switzerland to fulfill the legal requirements for representation.


  • VAT EleVATe

This computer-based toolkit supports your strategic VAT management (e.g. in the areas of cashflow management, input tax return and compliance risks) in various countries.


  • Customs & Trade

We provide support during the adaptation of your systems and processes to meet customs and excise requirements and offer advice on current customs issues.

Mathias Bopp

Mathias Bopp

Partner, Head of Indirect Tax

+41 58 249 54 30

Ivo Gut

Ivo Gut

Partner, Indirect Tax

+41 58 249 20 60

The New VAT Law

Information on the new Swiss VAT Law