Corporate Tax 

Corporate tax is an integral part of a corporation's financial management. The purpose of tax planning as part of a company's overall business strategy is to avoid tax risks and benefit as much as possible from tax opportunities.

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Professional tax management involves carefully monitoring each corporate transaction and identifying the tax implications from an early stage.

Structural and process-related company reorganizations in particular feature numerous challenges and opportunities at the tax level. Strategic tax management, blending perfectly into the company's structures, achieves quick, visible results and plays a key role in success.


Corporate Tax - sustainable tax management with a view to improving financial results

We consider a wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of your company as essential for the successful development of tax concepts and strategies. In close cooperation with corporate management, we assess your overall tax situation and present strategies as the basis for sustained tax management. Our multidisciplinary approach combined with the ongoing transfer of knowledge helps you to be tax-compliant in all situations and puts you in a position where you can react flexibly to changes in order to make use of tax benefits.



Our tax professionals have an excellent educational background, are familiar with national and international tax law, and are always up-to-date in their field. With 13,000 tax professionals in 106 countries, KPMG is one of the few contact partners able to offer you specific knowledge worldwide.


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Stefan Kuhn

Stefan Kuhn

Partner, Head of Corporate Tax, Switzerland-Asia Corridor

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Clarity on Swiss Taxes 2015

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Comparison of corporate and income tax rates in all 26 Swiss cantons on a interactive Swiss map.

Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III

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Current developments regarding the Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III. An interactive Swiss map shows the importance of privileged taxed companies between cantons.

Tax Incentives for R&D in Switzerland

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Study about the approach to promoting R&D through tax incentives on the expenses side