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Auditing occupational benefits institutions (under LPP) 

Executive committees and highest bodies, respectively, of occupational benefits institutions (pension funds, vesting in pension plans, pillar 3a pension plans and welfare foundations) are constantly being confronted with new challenges. Decision makers expect competent and solution-oriented business partners who understand their needs and who will actively support them in finding viable solutions.

What is it all about?

From annual financial statements to employees' annual pension fund statements, the insured persons, employers and supervisory authorities expect occupational benefits institutions to have a transparent pension fund management and provide clear and correct information. Additionally, the increasing regulation and the expanding complexity of the business at hand require more specialization and professional skills.

Which challenges should you expect?

Members of the highest body and pension fund managers are not only faced with regulatory and entrepreneurial aspects but also with the growing expectations of beneficiaries. In particular, the following is expected:

  • Pro-actively setting up, managing and monitoring the occupational benefits institution’s activities
  • Adapting the institution’s concept to the constantly changing circumstances
  • Critically reviewing accounting and valuation principles
  • Adjusting the fund's organizational structure using the support of external service providers
  • Proceeding prudently with re-organizations, partial or full liquidations
  • Conceptualizing frameworks for internal control and IT systems

How can KPMG support you?

We are specialists in auditing and advising occupational benefits institutions and can actively support you to cope with your challenges. For this reason, we have a competence center focusing on pension funds with a multidisciplinary group of specialists, ranging from auditors, lawyers but also IT, real estate or tax specialists. Because we are actively involved in professional associations and expert committees related to occupational pension schemes, you will also be able to benefit from our first-hand knowledge.

Our audit approach consists of taking into account the relevant business risks, the major processes, the effectiveness of internal control as well as the integrity of IT systems.

This procedure allows us to efficiently audit pension funds, which we perform with a critical eye while keeping an entrepreneurial view for what is important.

Here is what we can offer:

  • „Specialized in auditing and advising occupational benefits institutions with a risk-oriented audit approach
  • Assurance and confidentiality, sparring partner for management
  • Added value with our communication and reporting
  • Encouragement to optimize processes and controls
  • Recommendations and information regarding hot topics and new developments

Based on our profound knowledge in auditing and advising of
occupational benefits institutions and together with you we are in a position to develop ideal solutions.

Kurt Gysin

Kurt Gysin

Partner, Swiss Certified Accountant, Sector Head Pension Funds KPMG Switzerland

+41 58 249 36 11

Michel Faggion

Michel Faggion

Partner, Audit

+41 58 249 46 07