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In view of the risks resulting from the high complexity and the increasing dynamics in business, companies require additional comfort in their audits. An independent review of risks, systems and data can increase the reliability of management information allowing for more informed decisions.

What is it all about?

Decisions with far-reaching consequences require reliable basic data. Published data must be accurate, systems and processes must function at all times and risks must be assessed adequately. All of these things require independent appraisals and confirmations provided by experts.

What are the challenges?

Above all, possible insecurities should be eliminated


  • How can I ensure that contracts are fulfilled and regulatory requirements are adhered to?
  • Is the information on corporate ethics or sustainability reflected properly in our public reports?
  • Does the internal control system function?
  • Do I have the required transparency on IT, data security and data protection?
  • Are there any insecurities regarding specific accounting and tax matters?
  • Are we applying right methods for our budget and financial planning?


One does not always have access to the right expert who can make a reliable statement. Sometimes it is also difficult to maintain the necessary distance if one is fully immersed in the daily business. Possibly the company needs an independent confirmation to forward to another company. Or the Board of Directors, Management or an internal committee requires a second opinion.

How can KPMG help?

Our experts dispose of comprehensive industry and specialized knowledge and perform very efficient audits. As certified accountants, they have in-depth experience allowing them to provide independent expert opinions on which you can depend.


Should you see a need for it, we can also deploy experienced personnel knowledgeable in tax matters, transactions and restructurings, forensic matters, real estate, sustainability and consulting. Just let us know how we can help you in your particular case.

Francois Rouiller

Francois Rouiller

Partner, Audit

+41 58 249 79 14

Luc Oesch

Luc Oesch

Senior Manager, Audit

+41 58 249 46 41

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