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IPSAS: bringing transparency to the public sector 

The International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) are becoming increasingly important and provide better and more comparable financial statements of public entities. Standardized accounting principles are meant to facilitate the preparation of consolidated accounts and make it easier to procure capital. In Switzerland, the HAM2 transition project led to a certain approximation to IPSAS.

The objective of IPSAS is to provide high-quality accounting principles for the public sector in order to promote a convergence between national and international standards. Because it closely follows the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), this accounting framework is understood globally.

  • Revaluation and availability of necessary basic data
  • Extensive additional requirements in regard to form and content
  • Complex and new issues regarding bookkeeping and accounting (asset accounting, consolidation, cash flow statement)
  • The transition requires a project-based procedure that takes into account related aspects (processes, IT, planning and controlling instruments)

How can KPMG support you?

  • KPMG is the official publisher of an IFAC-authorized German translation of IPSAS. To improve comprehension, each standard is illustrated with a flow chart
  • We specialize in the audit of public institutions
  • Interdisciplinary project teams will support you down to the last detail of your accounting and reporting, and will help you present adjacent aspects in a new way
  • Our integrated approach is based on tried and tested methods and procedures, thus enabling faster and better results
  • We can assume a variety of roles, ranging from coach to project manager, even including body-leasing for complex aspects, thus coming up with tailored offers for your particular needs
  • Harmonizing tasks will keep project costs down

Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog

Partner, Sector Head Healthcare, Head Audit non-profit organizations and public sector entities

+41 58 249 40 68

Pierre Henri Pingeon

Pierre Henri Pingeon

Partner, Head of Audit non-profit organizations and public sector entities western Switzerland

+41 58 249 38 00

Authorized German IPSAS translation 2011

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This official, authorised translation of the IPSAS standards allows interested persons from the public sector the opportunity to read the standards in the german language.

Public Sector

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The federal government, cantons, cities and municipalities find themselves faced with new challenges on a daily basis. KPMG looks at the issues and trends relevant to the public sector for deriving the possible courses of action.