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Financial Management 

Financial Management teams help CFOs and senior finance executives make their finance function more efficient, effective and aligned to the business strategy so that the organisation can realise and sustain value over the long term. We at KPMG provide a range of financial management services, from efficient finance operations to effective decision support, helping organizations to become leaders in finance. Our experienced practitioners will support you in the relevant finance function areas.

Typical services:

Financial Risk Management; Cash & Liquidity Management;
Operations & IT; Compliance

Treasury Management Services

Treasury organizations are increasingly exposed to volatile financial markets, further globalizing corporate processes and complex regulatory environments. Responding to these challenges requires building an effective and integrated operating model, transparency on global financial risk and key figures but also system based straight through processing to manage global treasury and financial risk processes efficiently.

We can help you to

  • Review, transform or set up your treasury
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of your treasury operations in:
    - Cash management & forecasting
    - Foreign exchange, interest rate and counterparty risk management
    - Commodity & energy risk management
    - Financing and investment strategies
  • Select, design and integrate treasury systems to enhance straight through processing
  • Outsource specific treasury services
  • Set up/review governance frameworks and assure compliance with regulatory changes, controls and trading processes

If you have any questions please contact: Thomas Stähli

Typical services:

Financial Planning, Cost Controlling; Reporting

Controlling Services

Accurate and reliable management reporting is crucial for monitoring business activities, taking corrective actions and determining strategic planning and operational budgets. This requires effective planning and forecasting processes which are linked to the overall strategy and supported by the appropriate tools.

We can help you to

  • Increase the value of financial planning and steering for the business
  • Define main drivers and gain insight of performance evaluation
  • Improve strategic decision making (e.g. rejection of non profitable customers / services)
  • Enhance efficiency in cost controlling and identify possible costs savings
  • Provide immediate transparency through better management reporting with clear dashboards

If you have any questions please contact: Kevin De Verteuil

Typical services:

Record to report; Period Close; Consolidation

Accounting Services

With the increase in complexity of the business models and significant changes in the financial reporting standards in many jurisdictions, financial reporting is becoming more challenging. As a result, organizations seek improving their processes to achieve a timely and accurate financial reporting.

We can help you to

  • Optimize financial and management reporting through optimizing the record to report process including
    • Data recording and accounting
    • Period close
    • Consolidation
    • Reporting
    • Communication and governance
  • Compensate for temporary or permanent shortages in your accounting and finance team
  • Procure technical accounting advice and support

If you have any questions please contact: Markus Richter

Typical services:

Finance Strategy & Target Operating Model

Transformation Services

Finance functions have an increased necessity to increase reporting speed, quality of financial figures and at the same time to enhance high flexibility to adopt new regulatory requirements. Therefore, Finance functions need to have a clear finance strategy which is reflected in a well shaped organization, lean processes and supporting IT-applications.

We can help you to

  • Optimize Finance functions within your company by
    • Assessing the current Finance Function
    • Defining a clear finance strategy
    • Designing a Finance target operating model
    • Defining KPIs for successful implementation and steering
    • Implementing changes in organization and processes
    • Optimizing IT-application landscapes
    • Program- and Project Management support

If you have any questions please contact: Dietmar Neumann

Markus Richter

Markus Richter

Partner, Head of Financial Management

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