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We are a multidisciplinary team of Forensic specialists consisting of experienced accountants, auditors, lawyers, economists, psychologists and IT specialists. We have extensive experience in the areas of manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, insurance, government and supranational organizations, and energy. Our experts work in Zurich, Geneva and Bern.


Our service

We deal with all aspects of misconduct, fraud, white-collar crime and infringements of regulations in organizations. We provide our clients with support in the prevention, detection and handling of misconduct. Our aim is to reduce risk for our clients and to minimize potential damage arising from misconduct. We work discreetly and in close cooperation with our clients and their advisors, based on the facts and in compliance with official regulations. We provide expert support using the latest tools within the scope of our investigations and offer quick, professional approaches to prevent misconduct wherever necessary.

Misconduct, Fraud, Economic Crime and Non-compliant behavior

Philippe Fleury

Philippe Fleury

Partner, Head of Forensic

+41 58 249 37 53

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