Debt Advisory 

The dynamics and complexity of the financial markets have increased significantly in recent years. Selecting appropriate partners and instruments are among the increasing challenges that companies face today, particularly in rapidly changing or economically uncertain environments.


In many cases, good access to the capital or loan market is essential for success. For many companies, it is very important to achieve best possible financing solutions today. Doing so requires excellent internal preparation, high-quality documentation as well as a very thoroughly managed communication process  - very often within a demanding multiple-lender environment. Moreover, these standards apply to new borrowing and refinancing as well as when renegotiating existing financial covenants that can no longer be held.

Our range of services


KPMG has a highly experienced independent senior team of professionals in different countries who specialize in providing strategic advice and supporting complex and often difficult financing processes. As an independent debt advisor we:


  • Develop tailor-made financing strategies and the most appropriate market approach
  • Create credit books and assist in financial planning/modelling with the goal of presenting our clients' financial situation and future financial development thoroughly to external financing partners
  • Identify and select the most appropriate financing partners
  • Prepare high-quality management presentations
  • Structure and design efficient financing agreements and draft credit term sheets
  • Negotiate every detail in term sheets
  • Provide independent strategy and process advice to support the launch of a debt or equity related capital market transaction (e.g. straight, convertible, hybrid or high yield bonds; German or US private placements; rights issues; etc.)
  • Provide support for covenant waiver negotiations and full debt restructurings including state aid if appropriate
  • Review and negotiate alternative financing options to meet the desired financing goal


Our role can vary from pure documentation support to full process management. We can work on both a time as well as a success basis, depending on our clients' goals and the overall character of the engagement.

Our advice is designed to enhance the decision-making processes associated with securing financing solutions. Our market and negotiating experience as well as our independent position helps us achieve good results for our clients.


We serve as our clients' main contact and sounding board in financing processes. We create transparency in transactions and help develop coordinated approaches. With our long-term experience, detailed product knowledge and extensive contacts in relevant markets, we provide relief to senior managers, especially when they are under time pressure.

Patrik Kerler

Patrik Kerler

Partner, Head M&A, Head of the National Markets Zurich Region

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