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Sports Organizations 

Switzerland is home to more international sports federations and governing bodies than anywhere else in the world. Since 1915, when Lausanne was chosen as the International Olympic Committee headquarters, more than 50 international sports organizations have established their headquarters here in Switzerland.
The globalization of sport has accelerated the various challenges sports organizations face in today’s rapidly changing circumstances of business. Sports organizations at all levels face continuing challenges as well as increasing complexity, within a high-profile and visible public environment.


KPMG’s Sports Organizations practice in Switzerland was established to address the specific needs of the international sports sector and to successfully mix an understanding of international best practices and insightful local market knowledge to provide our clients with what they need.



What are your challenges?

  • Do you report with credibility and clarity?
  • Could you enhance your reputation and trust with third parties through more transparency?
  • Do you capture financial information efficiently and effectively?
  • Do you have control over all your operations and the related financial implications?

Our solutions


  • High quality external audit
  • Top level assurance services including:
    1. Financial program assessments
    2. Assessment of financial consideration of teams and clubs
    3. Attestation of draws and elections
    4. Compliance with laws and regulations
    5. Internal Control System

What are your challenges?

  • Do you comply with the applicable laws?
  • Do you have the adequate safeguards in place?
  • Is your organisation and information technology in good shape?

Our solutions

Legal Services

  • Legal compliance
  • Non-profit status
  • Constitution and by-laws gap analysis
Tax Services

  • Tax Rulings
  • Tax-related evaluation of licensing agreements
  • Taxes at sources (withholding, offsetting, enhancement)
IT Advisory

  • Information Technology
  • IT governance, risk and compliance

What are your challenges?

  • Do you plan to relocate your organisation?
  • Do you have the adequate controls and overview of your finance function and operations?
  • Is your reporting performing and efficient?
  • Do you have doubts on ethical and fraud behaviours?
  • Are you short in staff for some key functions?

Our solutions

Organisational performance

  • Relocation assistance
  • Staff loan
  • Change management
Financial management

  • Business plan
  • Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Internal Control System development and implementation
  • Restructuring of the finance function
  • Management, controlling and quality assurance of local and global projects
Forensic, Risk and Compliance

  • Fraud prevention
  • Fraud, misconduct & corruption investigations
  • Ethics & Integrity services
  • Contract Compliance Review

Pierre Henri Pingeon

Pierre Henri Pingeon

Partner, Head Audit non-profit organizations and public sector entities western Switzerland

+41 58 249 38 00

Synthetic Turf Study in Europe, 2012

Synthetic Turf Study in Europe, 2012
Synthetic Turf Study in Europe, 2012, aims to assess the costs and benefits of applying synthetic turf in football stadiums across Europe.