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Actuarial & Insurance Risk 

The continuing uncertain economic climate has brought business unprecedented levels of change and has forced insurers to look closely at the way they run their business.

Insurers are focusing on the future to decide how to change their business and operating models to remain competitive while maintaining compliance with a changing regulatory landscape.

Our actuarial insurance practice works with other KPMG technical and sector specialists to help insurance clients prepare for the future.

What's on your mind?

  • In response to an increasing emphasis on risk management, insurers are enhancing their ability to measure and manage risk; they are further embedding risk management into business operations
  • There is increasing demand for quality information, with Boards, regulators and financial markets all expecting robust reporting, delivered more quickly than before
  • Available capital needs to be used as efficiently as possible, while balancing regulatory requirements for measuring 'risks' and liabilities and holding capital for future events 

Bringing you peace of mind

We have 460 insurance actuaries in 21 countries across Europe, and global actuarial resources of over 700. Our Swiss team of 15 actuaries and 15 quantitative risk management specialists brings deep practical experience and provides a full range of skills, helping insurers across a number of areas:


  • Risk and Capital Management: Enhancing the understanding of risk and capital and how they can be best managed to meet current and future business needs. 
  • Process and Model Improvement: Improving the process, systems, organisation and governance of the actuarial and reporting functions including model redesign and process improvement, ranging from small scale reengineering of individual processes to full scale finance transformation programmes. 
  • Transactions and Restructuring: Assisting with actuarial aspects of acquisitions and disposals, executing business transfers, and providing litigation support. 
  • SST: Implementation, review and validation of SST models, including advice to both Standard Formula and Internal Model firms.
  • Solvency II: Implementation and assurance across all three Pillars, including advice to both Standard Formula and Internal Model firms on design implementation and validation of their balance sheets, risk management frameworks/systems, setting and monitoring risk appetite, ORSA and reporting. 
  • Regulation: Advice on interpretation and implementation of regulatory change
  • Financial Reporting: Implementation and advice on new financial reporting standards such as IFRS 9 and IFRS 4 phase II.
  • Reserving: Advice on reserving segments and methodologies, experience monitoring, independent reserve reviews, Responsible Actuary Roles, Technical Provisions calculations and documentation.
  • Pricing: Review pricing methodologies and processes, GLM and rating factor analyses, rating model advice, capture of rate change information, optimal use of data and enhancement of underwriting efficiency. integration of reserving and pricing functions

Thomas Schneider

Thomas Schneider

Partner, Head of Quantitative Finance Group, Financial Services

+41 58 249 54 50

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