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The IT and technology sector is optimistic about the future. Over two thirds of companies expect to increase revenues during this financial year.
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What challenges do you face?


  • Cloud computing is heralding a fundamental change of direction in the range of IT available and the way it is used. Whereas in the past many IT services have been tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients, in future these will be available from the network in standardized form. This offers users the chance to increase flexibility and cut costs. In order to take advantage of the new opportunities, the high standards required in terms of data protection, information security and the capacity to integrate with existing IT systems must be met.

  • IT security is now a prime concern following the arrival of many new forms of communications technology. Without safe computing and information systems, most companies would have no serious protection against security risks.

  • Performance management and outsourcing are important factors for the success of competitive companies. For example, complex, sophisticated processes designed to improve efficiency are frequently centralized in Shared Services Centers or are outsourced. In practice, however, setting up such structures is often more protracted and expensive than planned.

  • Product piracy in the technology and software industry harbors a considerable risk. Around ten percent of all IT products sold worldwide are pirate copies, a problem that is costing the sector approximately 100 billion U.S. dollars a year in lost revenue.


How can KPMG help you?

Our specialists from Audit, Tax and Advisory assist you with sector-specific issues.

Audit: Auditing annual and consolidated financial statements
One of the cornerstones of our audit work is a sound understanding of our clients’ business models. In-depth knowledge of fast-moving, converging technology sectors is essential here. We have extensive experience in auditing national and international technology groups, hardware manufacturers, software developers and service providers.

Tax: Sector-oriented, tailored tax advisory services
The tax division provides competent, tailored tax advisory services. It is both a duty and a challenge for us to design tax concepts that are intended to give the client the largest financial benefit possible. This is important, for instance, when setting up regional headquarters or designing principle structures of technology companies in Switzerland in a tax-advantageous manner.

Advisory: Support with professional corporate management In what is a dynamic and increasingly globalised environment, we use the considerable professional expertise of our advisory specialists to help clients identify opportunities, and support them with issues related to risk management and meeting legal requirements. Our integrated advisory approach has already provided all manner of professional support in the field of managing technology companies.

Rolf Hauenstein

Rolf Hauenstein

Partner, Sector Head Technology & Business Services

+41 58 249 42 57

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