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The federal government, cantons, cities and municipalities find themselves faced with new challenges on a daily basis. Rising expectations from their citizens are prompting them to assign new responsibilities on the one hand while, on the other, they are under constant pressure to cut costs in order to stretch the limited financial resources they have at their disposal.

What are your challenges?

Over the past few years, international and domestic tax competition has prompted politicians to introduce tax-cutting measures and reject potential tax hikes. Moreover, citizens and their representatives expect public authorities to provide their services both professionally and with a focus on the people. This situation thus poses the following concrete challenges:


  • Services must be provided efficiently and at a high level of quality at all times.
  • The costs of individual services must be known and optimized continuously.
  • Citizens’ concerns must be identified at an early stage and solutions must be presented and implemented.
  • Administration services must be made transparent for citizens.
  • Risks must be identified, eliminated or reduced and appropriate preventive measures taken.
  • The protection of citizens’ data must be guaranteed while also respecting the Freedom of Information Act.

How can KPMG help?

KPMG looks at the issues and trends relevant to the public sector. These then serve as a basis for deriving the possible courses of action and developing tailored services.


  • Analysis of administrative organizations, optimization recommendations and implementation of optimization measures.
  • Risk analyses and related recommendations.
  • Creation of internal control systems.
  • Creation of a data protection management system and certification of data protection management measures.
  • Assistance with changes of legal form and outsourcing (legal, tax and financial questions).
  • Auditing in line with the New Accounting Model (NAM), Harmonized Accounting Model (HRM2) and IPSAS.
  • Specialized advisory services for research and education institutions, energy and utility companies as well as transport companies.

Armin Haymoz

Armin Haymoz

Director, Sector Head Government & Public Sector

+41 58 249 20 65

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