Authorized German IPSAS translation 2011 

This translation is the German edition of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) to be authorized by the IFAC. The original IPSAS are issued by the IPSASB Standard Setting Board for the public sector and published by the IFAC in English.

The German edition meets the demand of users of accounting standards in the public sector in German-speaking areas. For German-speaking employees in offices, agencies, institutes and foundations, it facilitates access to the IPSAS and their application in accounting, valuation and disclosure.


The German-language edition is based on the English-language original, the “Handbook of International Public Sector Accounting Pronouncements, 2011 Edition.” Part 1 contains the “Preface to International Public Sector Accounting Standards” and Part 2 lists standards 1 to 31 with guidance on the creation of financial statements and presentation according to the principal of period accruals. In Section 3 all the standards are clearly illustrated by means of readily comprehensible flowcharts. In each case, the standard's number is included, to facilitate cross-referencing. The flowcharts thus facilitate the acquisition of a preliminary acquaintance with the standards. In addition, a detailed glossary defines the key terms in German and English and the differing terms used in some cases in the three German-speaking countries in Europe are compared in a table. 


Along with the 31 standards, the fundamental components of accounting according to the principle of period accruals are provided. The continued development of the IPSAS by the IPSAS Board is to be reflected every three years or so in a new edition of the translation. In the meantime, KPMG plans to provide the latest updates and information via this IFAC-authorised link: www.kpmg.ch/IPSAS-Buch. 


The book is available for CHF 119 from bookshops or from Schulthess Verlag.


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