More and more is being demanded of administrative bodies and public corporations: public services are to cost less and be performed more effectively. Reliable accounting data and business management planning and steering systems form the basis for organizing local, cantonal and national government structures in a service-oriented way.

Financial accounting according to HRM2/NRM

We offer the following services for your many fields of activity: Coaching, review, project management with knowledge transfer. In addition to holistic advisory services for HRM2 projects, we can support you in sub-areas of projects.


HRM2 projects have three focuses:


Asset accounting

  • Creating a plan, including the evaluation of accounting standards and provisional setting of the extent and scope of consolidation
  • Developing accounting and valuation principles and establishing the procedure for the opening balance sheet
  • Organizing and conducting the opening inventory
  • Conducting appraisals of lots and buildings that are part of the financial and administrative assets
  • Simulating the effects on the government’s budget
  • Carrying out balance sheet restatements
  • Evaluating and introducing a software tool for asset accounting purposes
  • Drafting a manual, if needed with procedural sequences
  • Auditing the non-current assets schedule and the opening balance sheet / the report on balance sheet adjustment



  • Determining the scope of consolidation
  • Concept and consolidation manual
  • Meeting the system requirements
  • Carrying out the first-time consolidation


Pension reserves

  • Defining what action is needed
  • Evaluating possible accounting standards
  • Calculating the need for reserves / appraisals
  • Checking calculations

Management accounting based on HRM2 and NRM

KPMG’s management accounting services

  • Drawing up concepts for financial management instruments, including reporting aspects  
  • Cost and performance accounting (CPA) with internal service cost allocation, including activity recording, 3-level model 
  • Defining the boundaries of the area of application / clarifying feasibility 
  • Planning implementation and introduction, including IT and activity recording
  • Controlling concept, controlling organization, and realization 
  • Participation controlling for public institutions
  • Service centers (SSCs)

New Public Management (NPM)

KPMG provides advisory support towards using New Public Management to strengthen public institutions and non-profit organizations. In doing so, it focuses on the evaluation of existing NPM instruments as well as the development of the internal control system and risk management system (“New Public Governance”).


KPMG’s services for NPM – using public governance instruments

  • Internal control system (ICS)
  • Risk management (RM), 
  • Combined approach: ICS and RM
  • Concept and realization

Audit and tax services

KPMG conducts annual audits of local utilities, municipalities and transportation companies and supports federal and cantonal financial controlling in the areas of IT audit and audit planning. Its tax advisory services include ongoing as well as forward-looking, formative advisory work and VAT advice.



  • Audits of NRM / HRM2 / IPSAS financial statements



  • Tax services, e.g. VAT

Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog

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