Internal Audit Services for Banks 

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As an independent and central function with an understanding for complex relationships, the Internal Audit has the potential to properly support a bank when generating sustainable added value in various areas. What begins as the creation of assurance is supplemented with innovative and customized solutions.

Due to the continuous regulatory changes, banks are exposed to increased risk and the outside pressures of various interest groups. As a discerning and independent observer of the risk exposures and processes within the banks, the internal Audit can bring about relevant added value. An active partnership between the Internal Audit, the Audit Committee and the Senior Management helps the bank locate areas for improvement, implement solutions on a firm-wide basis and even strengthens the firm as a whole. In this regard, open communication contributes to a solid corporate culture, encourages risk understanding as well as the entrepreneurship of the employees.

Through a neutral partnership with the Internal Audit, we can identify deviations and actively support our clients in the creation of adequate solutions.

Our services:

  • Bank specific support in special areas (BAG-FINMA & IFRS, regulatory requirements, complex financial instruments, data security, fraud, risk management instruments, tax, et al.)
  • Establishment and development of Internal Audit departments
  • Complete or partial outsourcing of internal audit activities to KPMG
  • Project management
  • Evaluation of the existing Internal Audit with the help of Quality Reviews
  • Assessment and improvement of Internal Control Systems
  • Execution of Social Security-Employer Audits for banks
  • “Body Lending” of specialized employees

Philipp Rickert

Philipp Rickert

Partner, Head of Financial Services

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