Do you have questions relating to applying online? Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. Clicking on a question will take you straight to the corresponding answer.

Questions relating to the application process

How do I apply for a job at KPMG?

Please use our online job application form for your application. Add your CV, tailored to the position you're applying for. In your CV highlight why your profile fits the job. A personal, well-formulated cover letter will make your application stand out. Also include complete and relevant supporting documentation such as references and diplomas/certificates.


What should I do if I'm interested in several positions?

Please apply for one position online and then specify in your letter which locations and/or areas of activity would also be of interest to you. We will then check your application against all the locations and positions you have specified.


What happens to my data after I apply for a job via "open positions"?

Your application is stored by us in our recruitment database. The data in your profile is held in confidence and is used exclusively for job application purposes. We only hold your data for as long as you are in the application process. If the recruitment process has been completed and you are not going to be employed by KPMG, we will delete your data. You are welcome to re-apply at a later date.


How can I withdraw my application if I change my mind?

You can withdraw your application at any time. Send an e-mail to your contact person informing us that you would like to withdraw your application.

Technical questions about our online application form

How can I attach documents to my profile?
There are three storage areas available under "Attachment". Here you can upload standard formats like .pdf, .doc, .jpg and .xls. Each of the three attachments can be up to 4 MB in size. If your files exceed this limit, please start by sending us your CV and then get in touch with your contact person.

Application checklist

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