KPMG International Case Competition (KICC) 

Kick-start your career and gain valuable global experience. Analyze business cases and present your solutions to KPMG leaders. Experience client work first-hand and gain rich cultural and business experiences by networking with individuals from around the world.
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Rise to the occasion. Push yourself. Go beyond.
About KICC

Kick-start your career and experience an international challenge!

Represent Switzerland in KICC 2014 in Brazil and look into the fast-paced world of casework, meet new people from 25 different countries and travel to São Paulo on an all-expenses-paid trip for the international final. There, you’ll have the chance to network with your peers from around the world as you compete among the brightest minds for the global title.

KICC 2014 could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Take the leap – you never know what you could achieve or how far you could go.

Why participate

The 2014 event in São Paulo, Brazil, is the ultimate opportunity to accelerate your awareness of global business whilst gaining a unique cultural experience. KICC will give you more than a rewarding experience:

  • Gain exposure to KPMG leaders and professionals from around the globe
  • Get valuable feedback and advice from industry experts
  • Acquire a better understanding of KPMG's culture and what it can offer you
  • Get real-world experience and build your business skills
  • Add a differentiator to your resume or CV
  • Have an epic adventure you'll remember for the rest of your life!
How to participate
To get to Brazil you need to…
  • assemble a team of 4 students enrolled in a University or University of Applied Science in Switzerland
  • have a strong ability for solving Case Studies
  • be fluent English (the competitions in Switzerland and Brazil will be held in English)
  • have a strong motivation to represent Switzerland in KICC
  • to win the Swiss National Case Competition

  • Deadline for applications: 18th of November (9 am)
  • Swiss National Case Competition: 29th November 2013 in Zurich
  • KICC in Brazil: 1st to 4th of April 2014

Take the road to Brazil and APPLY HERE!

Find out more about KICC on the Global Website
Get involved – apply now!

You are willing to go beyond? Hand in your team-application now!

If you meet all requirements please hand in a short CV per person and additionally answer the following questions for your team:
  1. Who are you as a team?
  2. What skills can you offer as a team?
  3. What makes you unique as a team?
  4. Why are you the ideal team to represent Switzerland in KICC?

You may hand in either:
  • A word or pdf document of maximum 8 pages
  • A PowerPoint or PowerPoint in pdf file of max. 10 slides
  • A video or audio file of max. 90 seconds

Please hand in your documentation at KICCSwitzerland@kpmg.com no later than 18th of November, 9 am.

KICC Final 2013

Participating in KICC can make a real impact to your business acumen and increase your cultural understanding.

Apply here!

The application deadline for 2013/2014 has passed. The new dates will be communicated in summer 2014. More information can be found on