• Date: 12/20/2013

Audit Committee News - Q1 2014 

Edward Snowden’s revelations concerning the diligent collection of data by secret services – mainly the American NSA – have not only surprised, but also alarmed the public. It is clear that these actions do not merely aim to fight terrorism and crime.
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According to Elmar Thevessen, deputy editor-in-chief of the German television channel ZDF, industrial and economic espionage, despite the secret services’ denials, is one of the latter’s main activities. In this context, high priority should be given to establishing a modern IT security strategy which protects companies against attacks from outside. Matthias Bossardt and Roman Haltinner explain on which elements such a strategy should be based.


The question of the «1:12» initiative has been settled. The focus should now be on implementing the Minder initiative. The Federal Council has just published the final ordinance on this subject (VegüV), which will enter into force on 1 January 2014. A first analysis by Jörg Kilchmann shows that major concerns which were expressed during the consultation process have been taken into account. A number of important decisions should now be made in view of the next general assembly.


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