We consider diversity among our staff and clients – each with their own individual traits – a great opportunity to learn from one another and spark innovation.
Image Diversity

 Nearly 50 nations are represented among the employees of KPMG Switzerland including men and women from different religions, age groups and sexual orientations. At KPMG we want to create an environment in which people from widely different backgrounds are free to develop their own individual strengths. Our aim is to promote an inclusive work climate in which diversity has a fruitful, productive impact. Moreover, employees of different origins also help us understand our equally diverse clients.



KPMG's Network of Women (KNOW) was established in 2007. KNOW lends a voice to the women of KPMG, hosts networking events and develops programs such as cross-mentoring and REACH, a leadership program developed specifically for our firm's female leaders.

The Diversity Board was founded in summer 2009 with the aim of addressing and dealing with diversity-related issues that extend beyond but include gender issues. Employees from different functions and KPMG offices are represented on the board. Its mission is to define the direction of diversity activities at KPMG in Switzerland, drive the implementation of these activities and gather suggestions from employees.