Environmental sustainability is a key element of the CSR strategy pursued by KPMG. With KPMG’s Global Green Initiative, we are aiming to continuously reduce our carbon emissions. KPMG Switzerland has been carbon neutral since 2011.
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KPMG has been actively involved in combating climate change for several years and became carbon neutral in 2011. We identify and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and offset any remaining emissions by obtaining CO2 certificates. We are also increasingly taking environmental factors into account in our business decisions.

Carbon neutrality – identifying, reducing and offsetting emissions

KPMG’s Global Green Initiative was launched with the aim of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced in the course of our business activities.


We identify and record our emissions in CO2 equivalents based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). These emissions are primarily produced as a result of energy consumption on our business premises and during business-related travel. Recording our CO2 output throughout Switzerland allows us to identify and realize potential savings, and enables us to evaluate the success of this scheme. We have our carbon footprint calculations externally audited by an expert organization.

Below are a few examples of measures that have already been implemented or are ongoing:

  • By altering the settings for ventilation, heating and lighting at our Zurich site, we have been able to save 43% gas and 14% electricity within a year. 
  • We are encouraging the use of state-of-the-art video conferencing technology in an effort to reduce our air travel.
  • We are using FSC-certified paper manufactured in a carbon-neutral production process and have substantially cut down on our paper consumption by switching to double-sided printing.


We neutralize any emissions that cannot be reduced in an economically efficient way by purchasing high-quality CO2 certificates. In doing so, we help a waste disposal and recycling plant in Ankara (Turkey) to reduce its own emissions. Methane, a greenhouse gas, is captured in the plant and used to generate electricity, which minimizes the level of harmful methane emissions being released into the atmosphere.


In addition, the consumption of fossil fuels that would otherwise be used for generating power can be reduced. KPMG has deliberately opted for a project accredited by the Gold Standard. This ensures that the offset projects not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also encourages sustainable development in the project region (e.g. by creating jobs or improving air quality).

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    KPMG is actively involved in protecting the environment worldwide.