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With 21 employees and two departments (Audit and Tax – Global Mobility Services), KPMG Neuchâtel benefits from local roots as well as a global network. The co-heads of the Neuchâtel office, Valérie Reymond Benetazzo and Fabien Perrinjaquet, offer particular expertise in specific areas such as public-law bodies, healthcare, watchmaking and luxury goods, education, international companies, SMEs, occupational pensions and unemployment insurance. The Neuchâtel office works closely with its sister branches so as to be able to offer services tailored precisely to its clients’ requirements at all times.
Our Services


With the help of our 18-strong staff in the Neuchâtel office, we work in the following fields:
  • Simplified, regular and special audits
  • Annual and consolidated financial statements, reporting, financial forecasts
  • Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss GAAP ARR, IFRS, US GAAP, IPSAS, HAM2, cantonal financial laws and other legislation
  • Stock corporations, limited companies, foundations, associations, labor unions, pension funds and public-law bodies
  • Company incorporations, capital increases and reductions, mergers, spin-offs, asset transfers and liquidations


We would also be delighted to help you tackle other challenges you may face:

  • Conversion and presentation advice for financial statements under Swiss GAAP ARR, IFRS, US GAAP, IPSAS and HAM2
  • Company evaluations and support with company purchases and sales
  • REKOLE® training and certification
  • Drawing up and evaluating business plans
  • Optimizing internal control systems and associated training

Tax and Legal

  • Swiss and international legislation on company taxation, including transfer pricing, mergers and restructuring
  • Advice on Swiss and European VAT as well as Swiss and international customs regulations
  • Tax planning for companies and business owners
  • Advising the employees of international corporate groups working abroad
  • Matters of social security law


  • Advice on financing
  • Support with setting up businesses in Switzerland and abroad
  • Outsourcing accounting and administration functions

Advice on global mobility (Global Mobility Services – GMS)

We work hand in hand with our clients to formulate and optimize their mobility plans, policies and processes within their company. This involves implementing up-to-date, personalized and efficient processes while also taking account of the company’s strategy and priorities, helped by the following services:


  • Formulating, evaluating and benchmarking policies, manuals and directives governing the global mobility of employees
  • Advice on employee relocation on a local or international basis in terms of tax and social security
  • Advice on remuneration systems and their impact in terms of tax and social security
  • Optimizing international staff deployment processes
  • Administering global mobility programs

Specific industries and sectors

  • Healthcare
  • Public sector (healthcare, education and infrastructure)
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Consumer goods and retail

Contact us


Rue du Seyon 1

P.O. Box 2572

CH-2001 Neuchâtel 1

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Phone +41 58 249 61 30

Fax +41 58 249 61 58

Valérie Reymond Benetazzo

Valérie Reymond Benetazzo

Director, Audit, Co-Head of the Neuchâtel, Jura and Jura Bernois Market Region, Healthcare Sector Head Western Switzerland

+41 58 249 55 18

Fabien Perrinjaquet

Fabien Perrinjaquet

Director, Audit, Co-Head of the Neuchâtel, Jura and Jura Bernois Market Region

+41 58 249 55 16


Our office is located at Rue du Seyon 1 in Neuchâtel. You can visit us by car, on foot or by public transport:


  • Place Pury parking lot
  • Rue du Seyon parking lot
  • Bus numbers 107, 106 and 109 link Place Pury with the station
  • About ten minutes’ walk from the station