Social Media 

We have rich conversations with our clients every day, and increasingly, these conversations are happening online. KPMG uses various social media channels to share the latest industry trends and hot topics, and we encourage you to ask questions, share your views and connect with our professionals.

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In the KPMG Blog, our experts debate the latest trends and topics.


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Our Facebook pages inform you about news and career opportunities at KPMG.


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Follow us on our Twitter channels and get the latest insights in only 140 characters.


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Visit the KPMG corporate profile, subscribe to our company news, or discuss specific topics in different groups .


YouTube YouTube

Visit our YouTube channel "KPMG Switzerland". Here you can take a look behind the scenes and watch video interviews about the latest trends and topics.


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Our company profile brings you KPMG news and the lateset trends and topics.


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For KPMG, contact with former, current and potential employees is important. Therefore, we welcome all the reviews and the open, honest and direct communication.



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