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    The Federal Administrative Court's Gaba judgement

    Felix Schraner and Marino Baldi discuss the Gaba judgement of the Federal Administrative Court.
    Modified date: 7/8/2015
    KPMG in the Media

    The antitrust judgment in the case "Baubeschläge"

    In the journal "Aktuelle Juristische Praxis", Felix Schraner discusses the "Baubeschläge" judgments, the Gaba doctrine and the principle of relevance.
    Modified date: 6/8/2015
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    Revision of the Cartel Act

    The revision of the Cartel Act (CartA) is meant to improve the rule of law of the current system.
    Modified date: 6/1/2015
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    The radiance of the Elmex decision

    The radiance of the Elmex decision is to turn cartel procedures more efficiently by the implementation of the revision of the Cartel Act.
    Modified date: 6/1/2015
    Regulatory update

    No secrets anymore against the European Union

    The Swiss competition department should for future big proceedings intensify the cooperation with the EU and business secrets should be exchanged.
    Modified date: 6/1/2015
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    Anti-trust law proceedings can not only lead to high penalties, but also to an extensive reputation loss.
    Modified date: 6/1/2011
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