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  • Date: 11/12/2013

KPMG closes year with good results 

In a dynamic yet extremely uncertain environment, KPMG achieved good results and boosted its net revenues by 3.3 percent to CHF 370.5 million. With revenues totaling CHF 192.9 million (-0.3 percent), Audit remained steady at the same high level despite negative price effects, while Tax set a new record with revenues of CHF 112.9 million (+2.9 percent). Advisory saw above-average performance which enabled it to significantly increase its net revenues to CHF 64.7 million (+16.6 percent). The headcount rose by 3.4 percent during the period under review.
During the fiscal year ending 30 September 2013, KPMG Switzerland succeeded in achieving good results and closed the year with net revenues totaling CHF 370.5 million, 3.3 percent higher than the previous year. In terms of regulatory issues the environment is highly dynamic and is characterized by growing levels of technological proliferation. Business was also affected by continued uncertainty due to the increasing indebtedness of key Swiss trading partners, however, which manifested itself in delayed investment decisions. Markets are in a state of transition.

Strong performance by Audit, Tax and Advisory

In a market characterized by high expectations from various stakeholder groups and fierce competition, Audit succeeded in generating net revenues of CHF 192.9 million (-0.3 percent), practically on a par with the previous year. A key factor behind the function’s continued high performance was its first-class positioning with regard to innovative, additional auditing and verification services (referred to as assurance services) for financial service providers and other companies. Also beneficial was the successful utilization of modern information technologies which enabled the function to review enormous volumes of data swiftly, in an automated manner and in real time. Given that the systematic documentation of key processes, facts, decisions and results is highly relevant in terms of securing the trust of both investors and a wider public, the next year promises to be extremely dynamic, as well.


Tax set a new record with net revenues of CHF 112.9 million (+2.9 percent). Successful efforts to help corporate and private clients handle ongoing globalization played a role in these outstanding results. Assistance provided included consultations along international value chains which presented a great challenge, particularly from a tax perspective, as well as help dealing with increasingly mobile, internationally-active employees. Stricter requirements regarding compliance and tax transparency are also proving to be extremely demanding for clients since these not only call for substantial investments in information technologies and training but also require that new business models, processes and structures be developed. Continued high levels of economic, regulatory and political pressure from abroad as well as current negotiations not only with the EU, the USA, Germany, France and Italy but also within the scope of the OECD to regulate past and future issues are likely to prompt further growth in KPMG’s tax and legal advisory services.


Advisory posted net revenues of CHF 64.7 million, thus exceeding its past year’s result by 16.6 percent. This function’s excellent positioning in the areas of Consulting (including Forensic, IT-Advisory, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Management) and Transactions & Restructuring (including Real Estate, M&A, Transaction Services, Valuations) paid off. Another move which has proven beneficial was the acquisition of BrainNet, one of the world’s leading consulting firms in the area of purchasing and supply chain management, which took place one year ago. Increasing digitalization of corporate processes, particularly those of financial service and healthcare providers, also had an extremely positive impact on the results of business. Against this backdrop, KPMG is currently making global investments in the area of data analytics. Driven strongly by both national and international regulatory requirements as well as political demands (including demands for transparency and comprehensive data protection), this topic is likely to top CEOs’ agendas during the upcoming fiscal year, as well, at corporations and SMEs alike.


For the first time, KPMG’s complete annual report was published exclusively in digital format:www.kpmg.ch/clarity

Business performance (2012/13 fiscal year)

Net Revenues Share of revenues in % Change in % 2013 in CHF million 2012 in CHF million
Audit 52 -0.3 192.9 193.4
Tax (incl. Legal) 30 +2.9 112.9 109.7
Advisory 18 +16.6 64.7 55.5
Total 1,2 100 +3.3 370.5 358.6


For more informationen about our business perofrmance visit www.kpmg.ch/clarity

1 Net revenues refer to services rendered by KPMG Switzerland.

Changes were made to the internal accounting methods used during the past fiscal year. Figures from the previous year have been adjusted accordingly.

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Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013
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