• Type: Press release
  • Date: 5/8/2013

Cooperation between KPMG and the TIP GROUP 

KPMG’s Healthcare sector and the TIP GROUP, Europe’s market leader for integrated healthcare management and controlling systems, have decided to collaborate. This arrangement will revolve around performing top-notch data evaluations, analyses and interpretations for hospitals and other healthcare service providers.
High cost pressure in the healthcare sector is making it increasingly necessary for hospitals, care facilities and other service providers to establish a high level of performance and cost transparency in their management system. This includes the timely, level-appropriate and comprehensible preparation, analysis and interpretation of cost and revenue data.


In light of this, KPMG has decided to enter into a cooperative agreement with the TIP GROUP, Europe’s leading specialist in business intelligence for hospitals. This collaboration will focus on using the Zurich model to evaluate clinical service groups on the basis of corresponding cost and revenue data, geomarketing to gain important insights on patient origins and referral behavior, direct benchmarking options to measure performance, productivity and positioning as well as financial and investment planning to determine how investments and changes to services impact the bottom line.


KPMG’s main contribution to this collaborative arrangement will lie in analyzing and interpreting data as well as providing advisory and coaching services while the TIP GROUP will provide coaching, parameterizing and training services as well as perform software development and installation.

Andreas Hammer

Andreas Hammer

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